Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Vincent Gonzales Must Be Joining the Ranks of Hispanic Blues Fearing Hispanic Vote Loss As Mayra Flores' Photo Altered


Blue candidates until now could look to Hispanic voters to vote Blue instead of Red
But now growing signs that lockstep to vote Blue is being shed
Blues under Biden and its Progressive wing have become the party for abortion on demand
The party with its trillions spent the cause for the inflation that’s devastating this land
The party to defund the police while now desperately trying to cover those earlier tracks
The party that supports an open border with some 2.2 million illegals in an upward trend
That makes it far too easy for the massive amounts of drugs like fentanyl and meth to send
It’s also the party of soft on crime D.A.’s who allow the felons back on our streets
While unleashing the FBI on parents trying to the teaching of CRT and gender identity defeat
Blues have become the party Hispanics are not
Why this fall Blues will not harvest the needed votes they have sought
It also in the case of a panic stricken Vincente Gonzales trying to Red Mayra Flores unseat
The party of photo editors who altered her photo in Gonzales’ ad adding threatening eyebrows to make voters fear her and easier to beat
Altering photos to influence voters is stooping very, very low
But so typical of Blues “Ends justify the means” as a proper way to go

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