Saturday, October 1, 2022

Sarver After Racist and Misogynist Remarks and $10 million Fine Puts the Suns Up For Sale


When a huge majority of players in the NBA are black
Hard to believe that a wealthy owner would be dumb enough to launch into a racist attack
The billionaire owners must have been tone deaf watching Donald Sterling going down in flames
For blacks to viciously denigrate and defame
Banned for life from the NBA and forced to the Clippers sell
Best thing for him as he owned a team in the shadow of the Lakers in a purgatory Hell
In basketball being an owner perceived to be a racist and a misogynist
Means as an owner you will soon cease to exist
  Sarver who made his fortune in real estate to buy the Suns with $410 million spent
Now after a $10 million fine for racial remarks like using the “N” word he would not relent
He is now starting the process to put the Suns up for sale
Already Bezos is interested and Shaq wanting the action knowing against Bezos’ wealth he will fail
We need real racism and misogyny like the proverbial nail in the head
Not sure what the price will be but hopeful that his racist rants will cause a good part of his potential profits to be shed

© October 1, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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