Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Nannies Thwarted In Anti-Sex Olympic Village Cardboard Beds


If you enjoy scandals in this crazy world you do not have to long wait
Nixon with Watergate, Christie with his Bridgegate, Newsom with Maskgate
Now a new one from the Olympics has arrived on scene
It seems the Olympic nannies want no hanky panky between or among teams
In the Olympic Village in Tokyo the rooms will be for futons devoid
Instead beds made of recycled cardboard that will cause athletes on them to sex avoid
Supposedly designed with two on them in amoral thrusts to collapse
Force the athletes to concentrate on events and on amoral intentions put a cap
The Olympics are a mecca for athletes from around the world to exchange pins
To share the human experience of meeting foreign friends whether one loses or one wins
The best laid in loco parentis plans of the Olympic nannies look like they have to ruin come
Leave it to the Irish to show the cardboard bed designers are somewhat dumb
Ireland’s Rhys McClenaghan posted a video showing him jumping up and down on a bed
Cardboard bed did not collapse and maintained its structure instead
To the Olympic nannies we non Olympians hold you in contempt
Shame on you for your banning intimacy attempts
July 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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