Friday, July 2, 2021

Biden Has VP Selection Remorse As Harris Run Over by the Peter Principle?


Pity poor Biden who now must have VP selection remorse
As her Peter Principle rise to level of incompetence is more quickly on course
After being selected by Biden as his Immigration Solution Czar
Her performance was a disaster so far from that of an expected star
First she refused to go the border first hand
To with her own eyes not diluted by the MSM view there is no crisis flooding this land
90 plus days hiding out in D.C. and off on domestic trips
Daily by outraged Reds and even Blues her absence ripped
Finally boards Air Force 2 to Guatemala and Mexico fly
To learn the “root causes” of illegal migration right before her eyes
Becoming the new Quixote to end poverty, corruption, violence and climate change
Long term goals as the house burns down that will take years and great doubt success can be arranged
Need to put out the illegal immigration fire
Then and only then quench her find root causes thirst
Must have cringed and barely stifled the Harris chuckle to ignore disturbing facts
That in the eyes of Guatemalan President it’s Biden’s policies that illegal immigration attracts
Finally after Trump announced he was headed to the border to express his contempt
Harris forced into a lame trip to 8 ½ miles from the border in El Paso to Trump preempt
Biden’s and the Blue’s Achille’s Heals in 2022 and 2024 will be crime and illegal immigration
Unless he restores a good number of Trump policies that worked  Biden and Blues will face electoral condemnation
Maybe Biden on 2022 or 2024 does not care
Fading mentally so fast with 25th he soon may not be there
© July 2, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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