Monday, July 26, 2021

Testy Biden Lashes Out at MSM Reporter For Going Off Script


In order to hide his diminishing mental capabilities Biden must stick to a prepared script
Explains to a tee why against a reporter who asked about vaccinations instead of Iraq her he ripped
A testy “you are such a pain in the neck”
Then realizing his mistake the walk back words to elect
Explains the note cards, teleprompter and the questions in advance from the press
Vain attempts by his handlers to realization he is mentally fading suppress
No matter how his supporters or the MSM fawners his mental state spin
Becoming clearer each day that he is not the person in the Oval Office we should have in
Invoke the 25th even though Harris would be above her head
Any one she selected then as president be rejected by the Senate Reds
A wing and a prayer that she without a vice president would survive until 2022
And Reds ousted majorities in the House and Senate from the Blues
Not sure if a risk worth taking because without a VP, Pelosi next in line would be
She has already shown her bent to rule in unchecked tyranny
© July 26, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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