Friday, July 2, 2021

Reid Discounts Crime Stats Increase Because Anecdotally Her Friends Have Not Experienced It


Once again Joyless Reid makes a fool of herself claiming crime spikes are not real
Discounts the clear and present danger that crime stats reveal
Her reason for this unbelievable belief
Anecdotally her friends have not experienced such criminal grief
Not sure who would admit to being Reid’s friend
Most likely journalists from Ivy League with plenty of money for security to spend
In a different world of security as opposed to the poor blacks on whom the felons descend
Wonder if the Reids of the world had to dump security and live like mere mortals how quickly the crime sprees would end
The elite now fearing for their lives and property would unleash the full wrath of the press
Editorials and headlines demanding more cops to the crime wave against them suppress
Reid’s credibility if she ever had any, even a shred
Has been reduced to zero instead
We can only hope her falling ratings will cause her sponsors to close their purse
Then hopefully we mere mortals can be freed from her biased misleading curse
July 2, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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