Monday, July 12, 2021

In America Our Elite Athletes Dishonor Our Flag In Havana Cubans Waive It Shouting Freedom


Sanders and his socialist agenda has just had a reality hit to his face
A glaring reminder of what happens when socialism capitalism replaces
Not that the reality of economic disaster is not new
But economic cataracts on Venezuela’s plight have blinded Sander’s view
He was oblivious to the stream of desperate people into Columbia walking to cross
To buy needed food and meds that had vanished thanks to the policies of their socialist political boss
Cuba that paragon of socialist deprivation 90 miles off our shores
Is being hit with demonstrations demanding end to communism that Sanders and his Squad buddies ignore
Sanders has been effusive in the past in his praise for the Castro regime
Like a stuck record praise of early efforts to ban illiteracy from the Cuban scene
Cubans now can read but only limited to approved books
Anything involving freedom or rule of law totally barred from the slightest look
Sanders thinks Cuba’s health care system is what we should ape
Wonder why on health care from the island still many Cubans want to escape
Against the protestors demanding communism’s end the government is cracking heads
And from our out of touch aging socialist set for life no protests only silence instead
And from our feckless president a condemnation against violence tap on the wrist
Sad scenes of Americans burning and dishonoring American flags while in Havana Cubans are waving American flags as they try to communism resist
© July 12, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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