Friday, July 2, 2021

Send Reid and Her Nonexistent Border Crisis to Eye Surgeon For Bias Cataract Removal Surgery


Some friendly advice to biased, leftist Joyless Reid
When we can see the flood that you say is nonexistent you are impossible to heed
Reid’s problem is that she has bias cataracts that cloud her vision
No wonder this hack should be greeted with derision
Harris in her avoid the border in her to the “border trip” display
Picked El Paso some 1000 miles from the surge across the Rio Grande far away
Reid should thank her biased lucky stars that Trump and Abbot blew a photo op
Should have met at segment of Wall with unfinished hole or at the river with hundreds crossing in in a flood non stop
In Joy Reid’s mind if there is a crisis it is because enough illegals are not making the deadly trip
Explains why with Biden refusing to secure the border so states forced to act she Governor Noem’s sending National Guard she rips
Her ratings are like a sub escaping depth charges in a crash dive
With her one trick pony TDS Stage 4 attacks when does her Reid Out cease to survive?
Even her “debate” with anti-CRT antagonist Rufo was a complete flop
Would not let him get in almost a word before his views she tried to stop
The only good thing about Reid Out is that it describes where she should go
Out of TV living rooms into the trash of failing biased shows

© July 2, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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