Monday, July 12, 2021

Joyless Reid's Guest Equates Anti-CRT Laws to Soviet "Memory Laws"


Joyless Reid is like Don Quixote on a pro CRT acceptance in the schools quest
Will go to great lengths to opposition against it demonize and suppress
Brings on her show Professor Snyder who compared Trumps rise to power in 2016
Like Hitler’s rise by the deadliest anti-Jewish leader the world has ever seen
Must have been asleep when Trump to Jerusalem our American Embassy moved
And the eight year chasm and dislike by Obama of Israel and Netanyahu soothed
Snyder was all too willing to compare the fight against CRT to Russia’s “memory laws”
That touted that the past was great and any criticism against it was flawed
CRT teaches that the past was not in the slightest way great
Corrupted by systematic racism and white supremacy loathe to abate
We have not been perfect in adhering to our creed of all men created equal
But with the end of slavery, Jim Crow, Civil Rights Movement, a black president and vice president improving sequels
It still may have many more steps to take to achieve King’s goal
To judge not by skin color but the content of the character within one’s soul
And to insure that to the best of our ability all of us have a chance to win
All or a part of the American Dream due to our efforts and not due to color of our skin
CRT seeks to destroy our past not to learn from it which each generation has done
Ignores reality that millions of people of all colors want so badly to have their status as Americans begun

July 12, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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