Thursday, July 8, 2021

Joyless Reid Ranting Against Parents Attacking CRT--Duped by Q-Anon


Like Behar of the Clueless View, Reid’s parents blew it when they gave her a name
Listening to her rants clear there is not an ounce of “Joy” on her 5 foot 5 inch frame
As parents across the nation, black and white, are rising up against CRT
She rants the parents are duped and falling prey to the Q-Anon conspiracy
Blind to the cancel culture war waged by the left and the spread of “Woke”
She turns the table on concerned parents and on them label cancel culture warriors evokes
From a woman who has a blog past that leaves much to be desired
Claiming insensitive blogs were not hers but by hackers inspired
She seems to be following the course of best defense is an offense to smear
No wonder that her ratings suck due to biased rants viewers don’t want to see or hear
CRT at its core seems to preach
That with all the Civil Rights legislation more success should have been reached
But was not because whites are guilty of white supremacy and racism systematic
Judging people by color of skin not character in ways that are traumatic
For this joyless Reid seeking to find a way for viewers to her rants heed
Advice that time for tolerance and compromise for unity is what we really need
The sky is not falling Chicken Little Reid
Time to end always planting the racism seed
The racist label dropped always in every case and the drop of a hat
Ends any discussion or progress and the balloon of hope and agreement falls so flat
© July 8, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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