Wednesday, July 14, 2021

A Cop Never Leaves the Station Without Vest and Body Cam For Protection


Before the infamous Rodney King beating following a traffic stop
Blacks protesting police brutality faced their word against those of the cops
Sadly in far too many cases a jury the cops believed
No wonder so many blacks on the issue of cop behavior angrily seethed
But King’s beating was caught on video that as to the beating did not lie
No longer did a jury have to solely upon words of victim versus cops rely
And when despite the video, the jury instead chose to acquit
L.A. erupted into a riot of burning, lootings and shootings that for 6 days did not quit
63 dead , 2383 injured, 12,111 arrests, $1 billion in property damaged or lost
Not including the over 13,000 National Guard and federal troops cost
Now a police officer thinking of excessive or deadly force knows
His unlawful acts most likely be caught on a camera to the public show
But now also many officers in addition to a body vest have another shield
A body cam and dashboard cam that if turned on will a record of the officer’s acts also yield
Blue Minnesota State Rep John Thompson driving without a front license plate
Was stopped by a St. Paul cop who did not take his black profiling bait
Thompson showed a Wisconsin driver’s license which was suspended for nonpayment of child support
Residence given for ticket the requirement he live in his district clearly thwarts
Thompson has been caught on bodycam  the driving while black card falsely claiming
He not the police officer doing his job is the one we should be blaming
© July 14, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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