Sunday, July 25, 2021

Hypocrite Corie Bush With Campaign Funds Is Safe and Sound While Constituents Cringe From Bullets' Sounds


Leveling a charge of hypocrisy against a leftist Blue and thinking he or she would care
Is wishful thinking when the charge is leveled against someone whose integrity has been gutted beyond repair
Far better is to prepare graphic video clips
Of residents killed or wounded in the crosshairs of violent crime’s grip
Victims living in Blue run cities defunding the police
Fewer cops to answer 911 calls so response times increase
And as minutes tick away unresponded, one’s chance for safety evaporates
Soon the innocents are bleeding on a gurney or heading to the morgue because cops came to late
Or sadly even much worse
Never came at all due to defunding curse
Corie Bush spends her campaign funds extracted from those expecting favors
For armed private security so she can surround herself in safety she savors
Join the campaign of anyone who wants more and better trained cops
Who will retake the streets and put a dent in the shootings and partially stop
Picket her office and maybe her home
She’s paying for armed guard safety and her constituents are huddling in a killing zone
If the left can organize so can neighbors whose lives are shot to shreds
She needs to go even if replaced by a moderate Blue instead
Leftist Blues must be taught a lesson that hypocrisy has a predictable and unwelcome cost
Shove it in our noses since you know what’s best for us and your seat and campaign funded security will be lost
© July 25, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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