Friday, July 16, 2021

Corie Bush: Not a Penny For the Cops For You But All the Funds Needed For Private Security Because I Am a Squad Bluery forp


Listening to pious rants of the leftists in the Squad
Compared to their acts show their ideas are flawed
Corie Bush in a pro BLM rant of anti-cop furore
Wants more and more of money for cops taken away
Hypocrisy of safety and security but none for you
As her campaign spent in 2nd quarter over 69 grand
To protect this leftist from the dangers mere mortals face daily in this crime surging land
Almost double the amount spent on security in 1st quarter of 2021
Safe bet that she will vote for most restrictive measures to take away law abiders’ guns
The one two punch of illegal aliens crossing surge
As murders and shootings off the charts should cause a Blue purge
While black and brown residents in Blue run cities are by violence trapped
Psaki’s Pinocchio’s on claim Reds are defunding cops even MSM ridicules that rap
It may be unreasonable to expect mere mortals  to have luxury of guards full time of police
But it is reasonable to expect and demand that because of defunding 911 response times should not decrease
Solution to the hypocrisy of Corie Bush’s “armed guard safety for me but not enough cops for you”
In 2022 in a tsunami of voter rage due to her defunding police hypocrisy vote Red not Blue  

© July 16, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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