Thursday, July 29, 2021

Follow the Science If Only It Were True


Normally the political cartoons posted on Fox News hit the nail on the head
Here a glaring mistake to weaken the message  as the crayon held is red
The insertion of the phrase "junk science" the truth reveals
Mocks the "follow the science " appeal
Since the DNC is a mere puppet of the teachers’ unions demands
Blue should have been the color of the crayon in the kid’s hand
Since the first COVID case the claims of Fauci and his gang that “science they follow”
Have with the numerous flip flops and complete lack of transparency rung hollow
Leaving Americans if a sea of distrust and in the dark
On the need for masks, the effectiveness of masks or acquired immunity versus the vaccine
Sadly clear from almost the very start the virus has been used to further political means
Whether to control more of peoples’ lives or to the election laws bend
So a sitting president the voters back to the Oval Office would not send
Fauci has long since passed his expiration date
Doubt if we are ready for another wave of shutdowns forced onto our plate.

© July 29, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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