Saturday, July 24, 2021

NBC in Chinese Woodshed For Not Showing Taiwan and Illegal Islands in S. China Sea As Part of China


The opening ceremonies for the Olympics was an awe inspiring sight
As the parade of athletes led by their flag entered the stadium on opening night
Waving small flags, smiles and laughter and selfies taken in almost athlete
After years of training and a year delay finally in the Olympics a chance to compete
Happiness and joy like in the Olympics of ancient old
Where during the competition all wars and battles were put on hold
A spectacle worth watching as athletes from countries large and small prepared to excel in their craft
And sadly with the pandemic in Japan destroying ticket sales, the host nation will be looking to take a bath
Despite the images of peace and harmony another for the U.S. and the world wake up call
When the games end as they must the quest for peace and harmony will hit a brick wall
NBC as each nation entered put flag holders, population and athlete numbers and a map on the screen
For the map of China, Taiwan and its illegal man made islands in the South China Sea were not to be seen
So China raked NBC over the coals with this inane blurt
That the map had the dignity and emotions of the Chinese people hurt
China is on a path to move heaven and Earth to the world control
And sadly for us with a mentally tottering Biden they must feel confident to achieve that goal
Like Russia seeing U.S. aide to Ukraine was food and blankets and no arms annexed the Crimea without any cost
China has to be emboldened and believes with an even weaker Biden our commitment to defend Taiwan has been  tossed
This administration is without any plan or ideas on how to Chinese expansion rollback or even contain
Americans may be in for a very rough ride as China’s power rises and ours continues to more quickly wane

© July 24, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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