Thursday, July 29, 2021

Unruly Air Passengers More and More Out of Control


Sadly the social fabric in America seems to more and continuing rapidly to unravel
Whether on the Capitol steps, the halls of Congress, urban city streets or  on an airline seat trying to travel
The flight attendants union has with the DOJ and FAA raised the alarm
More and more often unruly passengers on flight attendants or other passengers trying to inflict harm
It’s easy to blame the airlines for this increasingly violent mess
Air travel even before the pandemic was not a trip of joy but rather a time stress
Less legroom, no meals, luggage charges and long check in through TSA security lines
Now mandatory mask wearing for those over two in a space so confined
But pointing the finger of blame at the airlines ignores where three fingers are aimed
They point back to the passenger whose loss of temper control is the one to be blamed
And the thumb points to a probable end game
Handcuffs and jail if one cannot violent urges tame
We as a nations no matter where we are have to learn
We have to have tolerance and seek more civility in our lives return
You cannot control often times how one thinks, speaks or acts
But you can control the urge to in response attack

The urge to rage while couped up in an airplane one must learn to cool
Hitting another passenger or a flight attendant makes you a complete fool
Bad enough on the ground but so much worse in the air
The cops will be waiting with cuffs when flight ends to get you there

© July 29, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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