Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Lobbyist Contributions and Dark Money Are Like the Lobster Pot That Dooms a Lobster As Rep Anxe Lies About Dark Money


A democracy is often under attack from a foreign or domestic source
If the use of troops and arms is the more likely action course
Facing death, maiming or slavery by a foreign armed power
A nation must chose to resist or if small and weak only cower
But a more subtle means of attack is like heating the lobster pot very slow
The poor creature is not alerted to the slow temp rise and his fate does not know
Could escape before the temp gets too warm
The warming waters may have some seductive charm
When it starts to almost boil it is too late
Another lobster expired and heading to a diner’s plate
Money is the mother’s milk to be pursue dbut from lobbyists’ and dark money it is like the lobster pot
To win, need money to pay for the opponent research, TV, radio and social media  ads, phone banks, staff, flyers, and campaign stops,
It is bad enough campaign money rules and determines who wins too many times
But the real tragedy is the raising of dark money that reeks of political slime
Money spent to influence the voters but the donor and source not known
From donors outside the state or our shores with pasts that need to be atoned
To no one’s surprise dark money contributions are condemned
 So likely to hear dark money not spent by us but by them
No surprise that Blue Rep Cindy Anxe was railing that in dark money spending Reds were way ahead
Typical Blue ends justify means lies when Blues in 2020 had 2 ½ more dark money instead
Another example of Blues so quick to lie and distort
Go to any length to terms in office by the truth not abort

© July 7, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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