Thursday, July 15, 2021

2000 Disney Jobs Moving to Florida and Low Taxes and Less Regulations


Disneyland in Anaheim touts itself as the ”Friendliest Place on Earth”
But when it comes to business not tourists Mickey is not getting his money’s worth
Disney announced it’s moving 2,000 jobs in its Parks, Experiences and Products Division
Fed up with high taxes and Blue governments that view business with derision
Off to Florida where 60,000 employees already live and work
In a no income tax state with low sales tax and regulators not running berserk
Time to trade fear of drought, wildfires and earthquakes
For the battering of tropical storms and hurricanes that visit the Sunshine State ires
Payback time for Newsom’s mistake of locking Disneyland down?
Putting Anaheim in a world of hurt as tourists no longer coming to town
California may be with respect to tax revenues from stock sales slapping high fives
But with homeless surging and businesses leaving not sure how long the prosperity survives

We have a great surplus for now with Newsom facing recall he will want to spend
Seducing the voters with checks so his term does not come to an end
Hate to see good paying jobs from this state pack up their bags and go
But the gold is fading in the Golden State and the Iron Pyrite is starting to more show

© July 15, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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