Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Pelosi Aide and Biden Aide Test Positive Thanks to Quorum Blocking Texas Blues as a 6th Blue Is Infected


The Texas Blues who fled the state to a quorum prevent
And seeking publicity for their obstructionist coup to the Swamp went
Welcomed as heroes by the White House lacking only a ticker tape parade
Then some cold water dumped on this pathetic charade
First 5 of the 50 scofflaws tested positive and were quarantined
Now a 6th has been added to the infected Texas scofflaw team
But the spreading damage was not yet done
A Pelosi aide and Biden aide feting  them tested positive and their quarantine has just begun
The only silver lining on this farce is proof these Trump warp speed vaccines work
The 2 aides have very mild symptoms, proof positive that those fence sitters should not the needle shirk
A photo of the Texas Blues in the plane shows 1 scofflaw yucking it up for the camera with thumbs up
Watching this travesty hopefully most Americans will point thumbs down at these spoiled lying brats who the political process corrupt
The Texas Blues thought they would hit a publicity home run with their quorum avoiding stunt
Instead what that have accomplished is an out with their foul ball on 2 strike attempt bunt
©July 20, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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