Saturday, July 31, 2021

Political Cartoon Embellishes Hypocrisy of the Blues on Masks


In urban areas cameras that surveil are almost everywhere
To deter criminal activity and to criminal perpetrators of criminal activity snare
Like the old TV program that Alan Funt told the bamboozled to smile
Committing a crime caught on camera and better chance to be going away for a while
Prior to the pandemic wearing a mask entering a bank was a red light warning a robbery would occur
A sign for the tellers to hit the silent alarms to a quicker response from the police to insure
With the pandemic mask wearing indoors and even some outdoors was the rule
A godsend for criminals needing a now illegal conceal one’s identity tool
The surveillance cameras continued to show all manner of crime taking place
But ID of suspect harder to name with a masked face
Fortunately most violent criminals in mental power lack
Dumb enough to not be wearing a mask while on the attack 
The cartoon hits the nail on the head
For hypocrisy the Blues are loath to shed
Crimes must only count if a mask is not used
While shoplifting running rampant stores are abused
Stripping shelves of goods bare
Caught on camera the thieves do not care
No need to wear a mask
Completing their criminal task
No need to employees or security guards kill
No need to with a weapon open the till
For once the cartoon seems a bit over the top
Save in the Capitol many sheriffs will not maskless people arrest in a stop
© July 31, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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