Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Suits Replace the Monkeys on Issue of Sanctions for Chinese Hackinghackingro on


At a Senate Intel Hearing on against the U.S. cybersecurity attacks
The proverbial three monkeys were replaced with suits to discuss the latest Chinese hacks
With straight faces the suits saw no sanctions, heard no sanctions, of no sanctions spoke
Senator Cruz was fuming at our total lack of response being a cruel joke
When asked about sanctions with DOJ, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security and the FBI
Not a word, not a peep, only total silence was their collective reply
Obviously apparent no sanctions for Chinese hacks
Leaving them emboldened and this nation vulnerable to more cyber attacks
After Biden’s blaming China for last month’s Microsoft Exchange Server hack
It seems we are still studying the issue and in kind have not responded back
Worse Biden may seem to think that when Russia directly hacks we will with sanctions respond
But if China only protects and encourages companies to hack the call for sanctions is out of bounds
Biden must be clueless that no Chinese company would in their right mind the CCP defy
Their only permitted response would be “whom should we hack and when should we try?"
Biden must have been asleep in Criminal Law or his dementia makes him forget
The crime of on illegal activity acting to aid and abet

© July 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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