Monday, July 5, 2021

Leftist Squad Member Bush Vilifies 4th of July


The counter culture vultures of hate and bias are coming home to roost on 4th of July
Not to celebrate independence but to what makes this a great nation to deny
Rants by Bush that flag is divisive like slavery is still cast in stone imply
Today we celebrate we were the first to be free of Britain and yet the left wants to vilify
This nation sadly was infected with the slavery stain that in the South grew due to the cotton gin
Cotton became king in the South and slaves were essential to pick the cotton the textile mills in England would spin
Opposition to slavery did not just appear with the Civil War
Opposition to it started early and many in the North wanted to freedom for blacks restore
Vermont banned it on July 2, 1787 as the conflict of “all men created equal” with slavery it could not ignore
In 1807 the importation of slaves was banned but not the sale across state lines
The growing division between free states and slave states became harder and harder to confine
12 new states joined before 1850 to in 6 free state slave state pairs
But the growing population of the North as new states would be formed equality in the Senate would no longer soon be there
4 new free states prior to the Civil War and during 1 added along with West Virginia on the abolition in the future road
The stain of slavery could no longer be contained and with the writing on the wall 13 states seceded and on Fort Sumpter cannon balls were fired after being loaded
A Civil War ensued in what would be brother against brother, uncle against uncle, father against son
And after 4 bloody years some 1 and a half million casualties before the war by the North was won
Before the end of 1865 the 13th Amendment was ratified and slavery was finally done
Sadly replaced by Jim Crow in the South for almost another hundred year run
We are still not perfect and progress in race relations still needs to be made
But the left’s fixation on systematic racism and White Supremacy can only progress degrade
One flag for all, one national anthem, one Constitution that with the rule of law us binds
Time to end cancel culture end that wants to make us to our greatness and struggles to improve our weakness airbrushed and blind
© July 5, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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