Wednesday, July 28, 2021

3 Fingers to 1 Blame for Recall not Conservatives or Red But to Gavin Newsom


In politics the cardinal rule is usually to adverse news deny
Not due to the innocent victim but to the other guy
On the recall Newsom feeling the heat is now pointing the finger of blame
Blaming Republicans and conservative media as three fingers point to the recall source shame
And in Karma for Newsom’s trampling on churches in violation of the First Amendment
His thumb is pointing down to Hell that if a believer would fear that’s where he will be sent
Like so many Blues he believed he could do wrong
As his EDD crashed Ignored the suffering of the jobless without checks who now believe as governor he does not belong
His public unions who work for the state are up in arms
That the head wants him out for cutting with a huge surplus should raise alarms
Teachers’ unions will by him stand because he kept schools for in person learned closed
But for every teacher probably 30 irate school kid parents who want to hang him out to dry like French Laundry clothes
Will Blues believe the pathetic right wing conspiracy claim to with recall push him out
Or with memories or delayed checks, closed parks and beaches, hypocrisy  and kids stuck at home turn the recall into an anti-Newsom rout?
© July 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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