Monday, July 12, 2021

Joylees Reid in Tag Team with Jennifer Rubin Levels Taliban Against Reds for Texas Abortion Law


I have to look long and hard to follow my mother’s advice to say something nice about person or stand mute
It is really difficult in the case of Joyless Reid as her leftist bias has deep and sturdy roots
When it comes to what comes from the lips of Joyless Reid
Response not needed as rant is so biased over the top that any sane person will her rants not heed
Her last one in a tag team with Jennifer Rubin of Washington Post shame
Compares Texas Republicans to the Taliban in her distortion of the after 6 week abortion ban bounty claim
Rubin’s bias and Reid’s bias is highly evolved
Prevents reading of the bill or any rational discussion to be involved
A mother who has an abortion after 6 weeks pays no penalty or fine to any one
Only the abortion clinic or doctor face a $10,000 liability for the abortion that has been done
Rather than hurl the charge of Talibanesque when Reid  should  get down on her knees in thanks
That she has never lived under the Taliban whose brutality to women leave all their ambitions manque
It would be productive to talk about amending the statue to give a woman more time to decide
Absent a lot of morning sickness she may not even know she’s pregnant and if she does may need a loved one’s, spiritual advisers’ or doctor’s advice to her guide
But so typical of a Joyless Reid she levels the charge of Reds being the  Taliban
Which should cause any Red target to leave and as leaving tell her to pound sand
July 12, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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