Monday, July 5, 2021

For Blue Biden Voters Has to Be Time For A Mulligan

If elections were more like golf games between friends
Blue voters’ demand for a Mulligan would be a rising trend
Almost every time Biden opens his mouth even after viewing his flash cards
His ability to express a coherent non lapsing thought is very, very hard
His handlers did a masterful job of keeping him in his bunker basement
Supposedly due to COVID-19 but in reality to voters seeing his mental failings prevent
As the Guatemalan President hit the root cause of illegal immigration nail on its head
Due to Biden’s immigration polices we now have a flood of illegals through an open border instead
He may tout that he does not believe in defund the police but his Blue mayors and city councils do
With violent crimes and shootings off the charts, Blues on their defund the police must rue
Their pathetic attempt touted by Psaki to defunding police shift to the Reds to blame
Will explode in their faces and their attempts to retain control in House and Senate maim
While his proposed tax increases will only impact supposedly the upper one percent
The inflation beast soon to be freed due to spending will be to the homes of all sent
Good old Joe who touted normalcy and transparency that Trump supposedly denied
When it comes to Hunter and his shabby business dealings more and more like on knowledge, Biden lied
Trump left Biden with the warp speed vaccines on a silver platter
But under Joe the goal of 50 percent vaccinated by the 4th was not met or shattered
No Mulligans but a new Congressional game in 2022
Hopefully Blue majorities in Senate and House will be through

© July 5,2021 The Alaskanpoet

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