Thursday, July 22, 2021

Minneapolis to Vote on Replacing Police Department with Public Safety Department aka London


As Minneapolis is reeling under an escalating wave of violent crime
Reductions in police from retirements or leaving adding to 911 response time
20,000 residents signed a petition to the police force replace
On the ballot in November the petition will grace
Now to be called Public Safety Department who  the wave in violence will try to cope
Devil is always in the details but residents should fear that more safety might be remote
Some police officers, substance abuse and mental health experts, violence interrupters and preventers pros
Will the interrupters and preventers be armed when to a violence interruption or prevention call go
And if not who will they find to put their life on the line without the ability to their life defend?
Shooting someone on drugs or in a psychotic rage with a taser may not the threat to an public safety officer end
We hope the backers of the petition spend lots of time in London to the police there observe
Most of them are not armed and yet manage to without lethal arms the peace and security preserve
But London is not Minneapolis or any urban city in this land
Where gang turf and drug wars are more and more violent, getting out of hand
A drug dealer with a gun in his hand looking for a rival to kill
Is someone that an interrupter or preventer will not be able to chill
All lives are precious and we hope the Public Safety Department will curb the killing and violence spree
If not, no surprise that the citizens in this Blue run city will in a massive exodus begin to flee!

© July 22, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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