Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Chicago Police Leaving in Droves As Thin Blue Line Outnumbered by Gangs10-1


Some Blues are coming to their senses belatedly to see the error of their ways
As across this nation we have seen a wave of victims the felons wound or slay
Defund the police an idea crime victims or targets by huge margins reject
Is going to come home to roost in November 2022 and many Blue supporters the voters will not reelect
But the cousin of defund the police is still alive and well
And it’s making becoming or remaining a cop a more difficult sell
From the end of qualified immunity to a lack of support at city hall
To D.A.’s releasing on no bail or failing to prosecute, cops less likely to put life on line to answer a 911 call
Despised by BLM and the elite in gated communities with private security forces
What could have been predicted in police no longer serving is running its course
In Chicago where color on color deadly shootings the city cannot tame
Cops are boarding in record numbers the early retirement or quitting the force train
The thin blue line in Chicago is getting thinner every day
Now outnumbered 10-1 by the gangbanger line that tends to shoot anyone in their way
There may be in any force some bad apples like Chauvin but the rest have not by “racism” been spoiled
Daily put on a badge and vest and the job of “protect and serve” facing deadly dangers as they toil
Too many have been shot, shot at or killed
Each day more blue additions to the butcher’s bill
Add to the problem of police disappearing the crusade of Blues to curtail law abiding citizens owning guns to their families protect
And Blues are going to be facing a Red wave of White and voters of color as concerned over their safety Blues they will reject
© July 13, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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