Monday, July 12, 2021

Eating Crow With Egg on Their Face MSM Almost Total Blackout of Avenatti Nike Extortion Sentencing for 2 1/2 Years

 In journalism school an aspiring reporter is taught to one’s source’s identity protect

If the potential story has only one source not confirmed better to pass and publishing reject
With all the fact checking, video tapes, social media and internet tools
A journalist who commits a saltus too early runs the risk of loss of credibility and becoming a fool
The MSM almost to a person viewed Donald Trump as public enemy number 1
When he came down the stairs in 2015 from Trump Towers to announce his run
A rush to judgment to slant coverage so he could not win
A desire to with adoration and fawning over Hillary spin
To their surprise the coronation ball the tickets in form of coverage they had paid
Went down in flames in an unlikeable and untrustworthy candidate with an abysmal campaign parade
TDS already metastasizing quickly went to stage 4
And Michael Avenatti was the perfect anti-Trump foil they could not ignore
They fell for him hook line and sinker without a critical thought
The perfect weapon to damage a presidency they had sought
Avenatti became their panelist king riding a Stormy Daniels wave
When that ebbed false accusations of Kavanaugh sexual excesses to put his SCOTUS nomination in a grave
A funny thing happened on the way to the forum to an MSM urged presidential run
He was not a poster child of honesty and soon his status as a lawyer and a free man would be done
From over 200 appearances on CNN and MSNBC on his sentencing to 2½ years for Nike extortion only 2 minutes on the news we got
Will heads role at CNN and MSNBC as ratings sink for on Avenatti a complete failure of checking sadly probably not?
Only the clicks of remotes as other channels sought
And another black mark of the MSM biased rot
© July 12, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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