Sunday, July 11, 2021

A Historic First Privately Financed Unity Into Space With Bonus Hopefully of Unity on Earth


Today in New Mexico from an achievement point a déjà vu
As earth shattering as when the Wright Flyer first flew
A flight of 12 seconds, 60 feet long and 8 feet high
For the first time a machine powered craft entered the sky
On the same day 3 flights later 852 feet of distance, 59 seconds passed
After landing a gust of wind flipped the plane making the 4th flight its last
The Wright Brothers on that December 17th day had only a dream
That in the future planes flying longer, faster, with more people in the skies in a steady stream
Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity took off this morning tied like an X-15 to its carrier jet
For a brief time in space for Branson and 5 others they would not soon forget
Dropped from the carrier jet, its rocket ignited without a flaw
Went vertical into the edge or just past the edge of space to be free of gravity’s law
After a few minutes of floating above their seats Unity headed back to Earth
Time will tell whether the expected price of $250,000 will equal future flight’s worth
But history was made and like air travel a good bet that prices will be reduced
Earth bound denizens by the thousands will by the urge of space travel  be seduced
We live in a time of disunity greater than ever since the Civil War
When intolerance of conflicting views coupled with violence soar
In a time when the false claims of systematic racism and white supremacy terrorism  divide this nation
Maybe at least for a day Unity will give us a sense of pride and over a historic moment a sense of elation
Until dimmed as it most likely will
Given our homeless and poverty why should the wealthy be allowed to pay such a bill.

© July 11, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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