Friday, July 16, 2021

New Additions For The Devil's Dictionary That Social Media Will Ban


Ambrose Briece must be rolling in his grave
To be alive today to add words to The Devil’s Dictionary as illegals cross in a tidal wave
“Border Crisis” Major crisis at the border we face
For Blue election hopes a total disgrace
Not enough illegals coming to tip scales in 22/24 races
With wall stopped and Trump policies done opportunity we cannot let go to waste we
“Election Fraud” Creative shifting under poll watchers eyes leaving no trace
Reds’ early leads so easy to efface
MSM raised not a peep
Fraudulent win Blues keep
Border Closed 1,000,000 illegals through June caught
Less than 1 percent of population while millions and millions come to the border choice was not
Jim Crow Charge leveled at any effort to make sure only valid votes are cast
Great way to demonize Reds linking them to poll taxes or literacy tests of the past
Racism Omnipotent charge covering anything from soup to nuts
Once leveled the door to any rational discussion is slammed shut
Critical Race Theory Only way to explain lack of progress of blacks despite trillions spent and laws passed
Whites are systematic racists forcing blacks’ American Dream Car to run out of gas
Black Lives Matter Like Animal Farm all animals are equal but some are more equal
Only blacks killed by cops armed or unarmed matter is the hypocrisy sequel
Sadly a new Blues’ Devil’s Dictionary will never see the light of printing day
Not with the intolerant censorship giants of Social Media standing in its way.
© July 16, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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