Sunday, July 18, 2021

Bad Karma for Fleeing Texas Blues- Big Carbon Footprint and 3 Test Positive For COVID-19

 Biden and his fellow Blues continue to stoop in their lies to all-time lows

Falsely and with great outrage claiming the Texas voting law is pure Jim Crow
Yet total silence or ranting again and again it’s racist without a single section to show
A basic tenant of democracy is that a voter’s identity not the vote is something we must know
We hear from the Blues that requiring ID is racist because smaller percentage of blacks drive
Ignoring the fact that the last 4 digits of a voter’s social security allows right to vote to survive
Plus Texas provides that a person without a driver’s license can get an ID card
No test to take and obtaining it is not all that hard
Probably worried that an illegal is barred from getting a social security card
Even though with a little cash getting a forged fraudulent on is not all that hard
The Texas law is not designed to voting of voters of color suppress
It’s designed to make voter fraud not more but less
Everyone’s legal vote should count and one matched by an illegal vote does not
Fraud causes a destruction in the faith of our elections and causes democracy to rot
So the Blues from Austin in a chartered plane maskless to the Swamp flee
Wanting us for their spoiled brat behavior to them as martyrs see
Complete with the Civil Rights Song that the sacrifices the Civil Rights Movement of blacks and whites enshrined
“We Shall Overcome” with words missing, off tune with hypocrisy revealed in big time
On a packed private jet no one saw that Karma also flew
As now we find positive C0VID-19 tests have infected 3 of the fleeing Blues
Unless the Swamp is a Sanctuary City cesspool
Texas Rangers should fly in and arrest these fools

© July 18, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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