Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Hiding Out in the Swamp Blue Texas House Members Demanding to Rip Off State for $221 Per Diem


It is an outrage the Blues in Texas opposed to new election laws  fled the state
Blocking a quorum instead of trying to change minds in reasoned debate
The Blues are in the swamp as new left heroes not as fugitives on the lam
Worse they are still expecting to be paid their $221 per diem in this scam
They remind us of the spoiled brats who not getting picked on the right team
Walking off with the balls and bats so the others on playing could now only dream
The rants of the Blues about mythical voter suppression grows each day
The MSM DNC sycophants stay silent and allow them to get their way
We all should agree that voter suppression is not right
Whether a potential voter is prevented by force to create fright
Or whether a legal registered  vote is cancelled by an illegal vote
A fair election needs to be protected from fraud by a deep and wide moat
Problem we face is that from Biden’s very lips
Is not who votes but who counts the votes so power the Blues will grip
Overwhelming majorities of Americans support voter ID
Yet with unsolicited mail in voting without ID or signature match voter suppression by fraud becomes a reality
Maybe the Texas Rangers in the Swamp can grab one Texas Blue
Brought back to the Texas House in cuffs means a quorum and their stunt is through
© July 14, 2021 The Alaskanpoet  

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