Sunday, July 11, 2021

Gates and Kerry the Bobbsey Twins of Climate Change Hypocrisy?

 A simple fact that It takes not being a rocket scientist to know
That private jets per passenger leave a huge carbon footprint where ever they go
The mantra of the greens is a simple one—carbon emissions we must reduce
The elitists who hector and lecture us to curb emission as the carbon warriors on us they let loose
Seem to have on carbon emissions a weakness they must ignore
They cannot for the life of them not flock to their private jets and open their doors
90 private jets swarmed onto Sun Valley to join host Bill Gates
To hear the chilling message of inaction on climate change our fate
So many jets were flying in that the congestion temporarily put public flights on hold
Another hypocritical message of ignore what we do but you do what your told
On being a climate change scofflaw most thought Kerry would the Gold Medal win
Watching the private jets landing in a steady stream and hearing Gates climate change spin
Gates is giving Kerry more than a run for his money
Both of them must view us mere mortals as total fools and dummies
Freidman Memorial Airport 12 miles away in this Valley of the Sun
Has many non stop flights in and out to not strand the elite to their private jets shun
Too much to hope for even to ride first class with a coach packed
Compared to cuisine on a private jet the public carriers lack
In the keeping up with the billionaires one’s private jet is meant to impress
These do as I say elitists in their huge carbon footprints could care less
So next time the likes of Gates on climate change grandstands
Show them pics of their private jets clogging runways and tell them to pound sand.

© 7/11/21 The Alaskanpoet

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