Monday, July 5, 2021

Human Migration Has Been a Historical Fact of Life--America Does Not Rest on Stolen Land


Ever since Lucy came down from a tree and stood erect on the African Plain
Human migration has been a large part of Homo Sapiens game
Early on the migrations consisted of movements into areas where no one was there
Later on migration into populated areas either resulted in the land being shared
As the migrants or the residents were assimilated to the dominant force
Or after conquest the residents would flee or the migrant invaders would move on
And the process in another area would again dawn
America was occupied by numerous separate Indian tribes when Europeans first stepped onto our their shores
Not united and engaged in raiding taking slaves and horses and all-out war
With the land bridge to Asia created by the Ice Aged submerged after its end
Isolated from Asia and Europe by two oceans that would need boats to migrants with their germs to send
The Vikings came first or maybe the Egyptians in Kon-Tike mimicked papyrus craft
The Vikings Canadian settlements ran into conflict with the natives  and did not long last
The Indian population in continental America was devastated by small pox, measles and the flu
And after many years and epidemics up to some 90% of the population was dead when the epidemics were through
Corie Bush ignores history and on her mistaken claim that America is stolen land
The conquest by Europeans was consistent with history and should be dismissed out of hand
We may not deserve any passing marks for our history that broke almost every treaty with the Indians at will
But at least many of the tribes are still independent nations in charge of their reservations still
© July 5, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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