Friday, July 9, 2021

Add Conned News Network to Appropriate Names for the Cack News Network


The stench from the leftist bias of CNN merited the Cack News Network name
But Zucker in his anti-Trump TDS Stage 4 surprisingly was not shamed
As Avenatti left in tears after sentenced to a 2 ½ prison stint
His appetite for the good life hobbled by the reality of skint
The golden boy of the MSM especially CNN could do no wrong
In 2 months 122 appearances on CNN so he could sing his anti-Trump song
MSM embraced this con man soon to be lawyer who was to be disbarred
As the next coming of our savior against Trump the new potential president star
Not to be as his true character slowly came to light
Fraud, extortion, theft and all things that were not right
His first client Stormy Daniels who was the ticket to anti-Trump fame
Sadly became another victim of the Avenatti con games
CNN with its unchecked fawning merits a new name
Conned News Network to herald their “journalism” shame
Poets resist the temptation to blast Avenatti who is and will be further hammered down
But not the blind fawning MSM who have lost all credibility and trust as a misguided bunch of biased clowns
When a news channel like CNN or MSNBC a viewer can no longer trust
The only thing to do is to click to another channel like Fox to register your disgust
© July 9, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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