Friday, July 30, 2021

Uncivility Theater of the Absurd--Stephanie Murphy Flipping the Bird


Members of Congress continue to spiral into the theater of the uncivil absurd
Caught on video was Blue Rep Stephanie Murphy flipping a NRCC female staffer the bird
Who had the temerity to this icon of civility ask
What she thought of Pelosi violating her House rules and not wearing a mask
Knowing she was on video most likely tried to conceal by scratching her head
Hoping if it went viral it would appear merely that she was trying to dandruff spread
Blues sadly must almost all feel
In their intolerant anti-conservative zeal
That Reds are Untermensch and like the Soviets facing the Nazis in World War II
Their ideas have no right to be heard or exist in the world to be ruled by the Blues
When will the lightbulb finally go on in Blues’ leftist biased brains
That to accomplish anything in politics to solve our needs from lack of civility they must refrain
Demean and insult anyone and any chance of further discussion usually will come to an end
More and more we see this in the Swamp and across the nation in an accelerating trend
For Murphy with her one finger salute a corollary to Murphy’s Law
Flipping the bird and trying to conceal it will chew you up in a viral condemning buzzsaw  

© July 30, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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