Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Mayorkas A Refugee From Cuba Wants to Bar Cuban Refugees Because They Will Become Red Voters

 Blacks are beginning to flee the Blue voter plantations

Creating fear among Blues driven at all costs not to lose power in this nation

Blues will be a huge world of hurt and complete disaster

When blacks start to realize that have been short changed and taken for granted their urban city Blue masters

Blues must have open borders with Mexico and our neighbors to  the south

New Blue voters to replace the black voters leaving the Blues in numbers  scouth

If you are viewed as a potential Blue voter Biden welcomes the refugee status to claim

Explains why the administration is loath to try to the record surge of illegals tame

But Cubans facing worst oppression from a communist regime

Who would want to leave to pursue the American Dream

Will be barred by Mayorkas not because they are not valid refugees

or are MS-13 gang members, drug and human traffickers or infected with COVID-19 disease

No Mayorkas will bar them and send them back because as Rubio and Cruz show they will vote Red

And to be admitted as a refugee from Cuba, they would have to vote Blue instead

Mayorkas’ parents saw what Castro would bring and fled with their 1 year old son Shame on this pathetic Cuban refugee who would deny fellow fleeing Cubans the freedoms he and his parents have won

Totally despicable and corrupt

As he pulls the ladder of opportunity up

© July 14, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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