Saturday, July 24, 2021

Blues Must Believe Overwhelming Majority of Blacks Have No ID's Or Are Too Dumb To Apply For Them


Why is it that Blues like Fetterman are so insistent that voter ID requirements are only tools of Red voter suppression?
How many black citizens do not have a driver’s license or state ID in their possession
Not to have an ID in the physical real world is like from social media being banned
You become isolated and a nonperson in this great land
Can’t board a plane, train or boat, rent a car, hotel or motel room
Can’t apply for welfare, food stamps,  or jobs, or buy booze to wash away the gloom
Open a bank account, cash a check, get a CV vaccine or prescription or certain over the counter drugs be able to buy
Get married, buy a gun, adopt a pet, enter a casino to the odds the house always wins defy
The list goes on and on yet somehow the Blues feel that blacks live lives that do require ID’s
Or worse yet believe they are not mentally capable of performing essential daily tasks like those performed by you and me
To Blues voter requirements are like a piranha filled moat
Drawbridge up so no one without ID can safely get in to vote
Fetterman knows without voter id and bans on unsolicited mail in ballots with the right to harvest
The Reds will have a hard time Blues winning seats with fraud detect or arrest
Reds have to message better that ID’s for voting is just like so many important tasks that an ID must be shown
Render ludicrous and unbelievable the Blue chant that voter ID is racist voter suppression they moan and groan


© July 24, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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