Thursday, July 29, 2021

Police Chief Hero Who Saves Attempted Drowning Victim Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Him


Police have the most difficult job in the world to us serve and protect
While despite the dangers or how heinous the crime to keep emotions in check
In Greenwood, Missouri Robert Zicarelli walked into the police station
Admitted to a heinous act that merits only condemnation
Drowned his six year old daughter in a pond nearby
Police Chief and others raced to pond to see her face down lie
The started CPR and warmed her until the paramedics arrived
Thanks to his quick actions the little girl survived
But the chief’s emotions he could not ignore and no matter his training could not deny
Returning to the station he threw a handcuffed Zicarelli to the ground, punched him and threatened “you deserve to die!”
He pled guilty to assaulting Zicarelli and now sentencing he awaits
In current defund the police hysteria one hopes prison is not his fate
Killing or trying to kill a child by a parent is the lowest of the low
It would take a real saint to one’s emotions to avenge totally stow
Saving the child makes him a hero
Chances of prison sentence should be zero
Those of us outraged that a dad would killing a 6 month old try
Can only shake our heads and ask the prosecutor on prosecution "Why"?  
© July 29, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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