Thursday, July 15, 2021

Weingarten Making a Fool of Herself Wisely Walks Back Millions of Deaths Comments


Randi Weingarten who is the head of the AFT
Should be looking at teacher performance instead of ranting inanities
If Baltimore teachers belong to the AFT their performance pales
Before the pandemic 24% of public high schoolers had 1.0 GPA one grade above fail
During the pandemic the percentage increased to 41
She led the crusade to classroom teaching shun
Kids thanks to her demands were held hostage to her union’s whim
A year lost never to recovered like sawing off a limb
With rhetoric that De Santis was going to cause in Florida millions to die
One thing for certain about inflammatory claims this woman is not shy
Today she wisely walked back the claim
Even with her bias must have realized charge was insane
Time for all especially the unions like the AFT who are wallets for the Blues
To tone it down and follow the science on school spread and stifle the urge to anti-Red passions woo
Better yet she should listen to and act on  the meaning of her name
Means near a vineyard so advice on how her idiotic rants to tame
She should stop and chill out over several glasses of wine
Will lower the blood pressure and dampen the urge to against De Santis whine

© July 15, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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