Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Corn Pop, Top Half of His Class, 3 Degrees Lies Now Topped by Keep On Trucking Semi Truck Driver And the Biden Lies Play On


It is a natural human trait to embellish one’s successes and one’s failings diminish or conceal
No so much a natural human trait to copy work for a paper and the true author conceal
All of us may be guilty of stories of past deeds that will make it easier to a group bond with us
Explains why Biden in early campaign touted as a teenage he had a job of driving a school bus
Biden has dodged the bullet on his probably imaginary claim of squaring off against “Corn Pop”
And his claim of academic standing and number of degrees he was forced to drop
But we felt he had aged and embellishments and plagiarisms were now a thing of the distant past
That is until now at a Mack truck facility we heard this latest blast
Biden claimed he drove an 18 wheeler probably to the trucker vote try to seal
Total lie as even the rabid Biden knows being a passenger in a semi during a campaign is not the same as being behind the wheel
Or maybe and more frightening is that he could not the number of wheels on a school bus is 6 or 4
Sadly, another sigh of fading mental capabilities we can no longer in terms of our national security ignore.

© July 28, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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