Friday, July 2, 2021

Pre 4th of July Celebrations at Mobile Home Park Steak Barbecue


Playport is an oasis blessed with cooling breezes so near to surf and sand
Difficult to find a better mobile home park in this great land
We all have endured the pandemic of the invisible enemy that tried to bring us to our knees
Even in the depths of the lockdowns and crowded ICUs still hard to kill the spirits of those in the home of the brave and land of the free
Especially since through the tunnel of economic despair vaccines would soon be ready for you and me
2020 will be remembered as the 4th that from in person celebrations had to retreat
Not in person to smell the cordite but viral displays to show we would rise up to the pandemic defeat
There may be a shortage of sane fireworks and the illegals ones are still around
And our pets disturbed by the noise run terrified in circles round
But this year we will be able to gather and our friends meet and greet
A day to celebrate our independence and a deadly virus defeat
That is why today on a Friday 2 days from the 4th we await for the steaks soon to come off the grill
A celebration to our joys of hope and accomplishment fill
We put men on the moon
And on Mars in not too distant future soon
Our invisible enemy has caused us great ruin
But cannot hold back forever our gathering,  eating and looking forward to fireworks and Sousa tunes
God Bless this great and beloved U.S.A.
May its beacon of light for freedom and hope never dim or fade away.
© July 2, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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