Monday, July 12, 2021

Brian Stelter A Wet Blanket On Unity's Momentous and Historic Flight Pull Your Head Out of the Sand Stelter!


If Brian Stelter of CNN were living in the Progressive Age in 1903
He would be most likely complaining that the Wright Brothers from gravity’s chains had broken free
If only for the first time for 60 feet and 12 seconds at 8 feet high
No longer would birds and bats be the only ones under power flying through the skies
It’s bad enough this “journalist’s” bias has clouded totally his political views
To become an sycophantic adjunct for the far too liberal Blues
Now as private enterprise propels human beings into suborbital space
Stelter ponders whether it was ethical to burn rocket fuel while climate change continues at a faster pace
A question that a Luddite might ask as machines in workplaces were installed
To be powered not by humans but the energies of waterfalls
Yet when 90 private jets flew into Sun Valley to Gates’ climate change confab attend
Not a peep from him on the hypocrisy of not flying commercial the flights would send
Stelter must not realize that ever since Lucy came down out the trees to stand erect
The urge to explore our planet’s far off lands and deepest oceans humans were loath to reject
From flying faster, longer and higher and ultimately into space in orbit and landing on the Moon
With private enterprise committed to space exploration humans landing on Mars in a few years soon
Compared to the carbon footprint of vast fleets of private jets or huge yachts Unity did not move the needle of the carbon emission scale
Same result if price goes really down so space tourism humans want to avail.
Stelter with his head in the sand may not what lies in the future get
Move polluting factories to Mars or the Moon or environment ruin regret
© July 12, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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