Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Utah BLM: Flying the Flag Is Racist and Whites Flying Flags Must Be Avoided


We have suspected Black Lives Matter adhere to this mistaken belief
That only if the shooter of a black is a cop will they storm the streets to show their anger and grief
And to take advantage of  economies of scale
Protests turn into riots and looting almost without fail
But if the victim was not shot by a cop, any idea of protest is quickly shunned
Whereas a cop shooting victim’s name hits the headlines and shrines quickly begun
A victim of color shot by a shooter of color as some 96% of the victims in Chicago are
Are nameless victims never to even get close to being for BLM a George Floyd like star
Now we learn that to BLM, racism exists only one way
Owned only be whites never in thoughts or acts of blacks on display
Before one’s liberal friends are seduced by “white guilt” to hold BLM in any awe
Listen to the warning that flying the flag is racist in words of Lex Stout founder of BLM in Utah
If you see a white displaying the flag that is a person you must avoid
Urging more of us to go down the slippery slope into the intolerance void
When does our DOJ develop a spine?
State that BLM induced riots and burning and looting have crossed the line
When does the MSM finally rid the biased cataracts from their eyes
True racism is when blacks are being shot by blacks dying like flies
And the Blue urban leaders can only mutter, doing nothing and from the deaths wash their hands
When will they sense the outrage and pull their heads out of their behinds or out of the sands?


© July 7, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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