Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Newsom Failed to Follow Recall Election Law to Get Party Affiliation on Ballot and Now Has to Sue Jenner Intervenes to Force Secretary of Follow the Lawfe


Gavin Newsom has shown throughout the pandemic that he believes he is above the law
Classic example was the birthday party for a health care lobbyist that smart phones saw
Trampling the First Amendment to the exercise of religion prevent
Ignoring the risk of CV infection of elementary school aged kids to ban them from schools to be sent
But in this latest Newsome snafu he has shown on election law he is without a clue
On a recall election the incumbent can put his or her party affiliation on ballot to the voters woo
Makes sense and one would think that in a Blue state it is something Newsom would want to do
But he failed to so request when required back in December and he is now in a bit of a stew
Maybe so arrogant he felt the number of signatures procured by the recall proponents would be just a few
Or the requirements of recall election law he never knew
Now needs a judicial determination in order to have voters his political affiliation on the ballot view
Caitlin Jenner has now filed a motion to intervene to prevent the Secretary of State saying to the recall election laws adieu
Newsom must be running scared and feeling the voters are too dumb to remember he is first and foremost a Blue
He is the one that’s too stupid not to know it’s not a Red conspiracy but voters fed up and across party lines who want to tell him from office “Shoo!”
 July 6, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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