Monday, July 19, 2021

As inflation soars, Biden in delusion claims his spending plans will tame inflation

 Biden is passing himself off as the new inflation fighting Guru
Touting something most economists never knew
Classic wisdom is that printing money to more goods chase
Sets off inflation at an accelerating pace
Inflation is the hidden tax that wealth and security quickly will erase
The dollar declines in value and paying for life's essentials is a much harder problem to face
Biden’s calming words  of “wisdom” is that his spending plans will inflation tame
Reassures us the economy is alive and well and for once has not seen fit to Trump blame
The economy was alive and well and handed to him by Trump’s policies on a silver platter
The only question is how soon it will crash and burn and by his spending see growth shattered
We agree we need to spend a good deal of money to our infrastructure restore
But with respect to wish list of leftist social programs those we must ignore
The advisers who control this spineless mentally shot old man
Are waking up to the winds of change that will sweep them from this land
Record numbers of illegals crossing our borders and record amounts of crime
Wokeness and now Critical Race Theory into our elementary schools crossing the line
Held hostage by the movement of Black Lives Matter
That praises Cuba as its economy ruined by communism is in tatters
Biden as a career politician may have lost most of his mind
But to the winds of change assailing Blues must not be completely blind
Watch a Blue full court press
To federalize election laws so voters are no longer “suppressed”
Ramp up censorship by social media to views of Reds curtail
All the while “racism” and “white supremacy” in nonstop wails
Red states changing their laws to prevent voter fraud in elections
Is the battleground that must be won to prevent sliding into a socialist nation

© July 19, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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