Monday, July 26, 2021

Barbara Boxer Welcomed to the World of Blue Urban Dwellers by Attack and Robbery in Oakland


As long as the shootings and killings are to black and brown victims confined
The misguided left supporting the “Defund the Police Movement” are just fine
But when crime crosses the line and a white is attacked it will be a different ball game
The howls will quickly escalate demanding funding increases to the rise in violent crime tame
Former Senator Barbara Boxer who if in the Senate still there
Would probably be voting to police budgets severely pare
Was attacked from behind in Oakland in Jack London Square
Experiencing a fact of life too many black and brown victims share
She was not hurt only a replaceable cell phone lost
It could have been a bullet at a much higher cost
Not injured seriously as a $2,000 reward was put into play
But she joins the ranks of poster children of unchecked crime on display
While the Oakland Mayor cuts to the police budget refused to derail
Was quick to increase the funding for her own police protection detail
A few assaults or murders or carjackings on the leftist Blues in broad daylight
And you will see them switching to vote Red and enter with a passion the crime fight
We all wish her well
So thankful we don’t live in Oakland’s violent Hell

© July 26, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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