Sunday, July 4, 2021

Corii Bush Shooting off Fireworks of Divisiveness and Bias That Independence Only for Whites


Rep Cori Bush used Independence Day to the nation to attack
Claims it’s a day for whites only because there is no freedom for blacks
Sadly she may be in a large part of their lives somewhat right
Blacks in Blue urban run cities not free from black on black shootings day and night
A wave of black on black shootings that are on an increasing double digit trend
Blue run cities with leftist city councils who want to defund the police to any chance of safety end
Blacks are not free to exercise free will to vote for a candidate who does not harvest their votes then until next election day leave
Leaving their constituents without the tools of better schools and incentives for businesses to move in with jobs making security easier to achieve
Blacks are not free from the tyranny of the teachers unions in urban schools
Who have fought tooth and nail against school choice and chartered ones where kids could acquire needed job tools
At the forefront of brainwashing elementary kids with Critical Race Theory
Taking us back to skin color is only test which thanks to King of it we grew weary
Black children are not free from the economic disaster of being born out of wedlock with only a single mom at home
No matter her intentions or hard she tries her kids growing up poorly educated, without job choices too easy prey for the gangs that roam
We may not be a perfect nation for those who are black but either we are just master cons or progress is being made
Otherwise why are there so many millions around this globe that are moving heaven and earth to join illegal alien immigration parade?

© July 4, 2021 The Alaskanpoet

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