Saturday, September 3, 2022

That Disgraced Former CBS Anchor Dan Rather Perplexed by CNN's Move by Chris Licht to Objective Journalism


There was a time when CNN first came on the air
With news not advocacy journalism as their main faire
No longer were Americans confined to the morning, evening and news of late night
Whatever was occurring across the nation or the globe 24/7 in CNN’s sight
But the power  of too many journalism students being of a liberal bent
Less and less objectivity and more advocacy into are living rooms were sent
Jeff Zucker under whose leadership a once number one network fell from grace
To with severance in the millions following NBC’s falling in the ratings to 4th  place
Left in 2013 to become president of CNN Worldwide
Prompting a real loss of objectivity slide
Under Zucker, the poster child of the need to bash Trump
His “journalists” were instructed to on anything favorable to Trump on the cutting floor dump
A steady stream of “fake news” by commission and more damaging by omission
The disclosure of Hunter’s lap top and the Chinese cut of 10% to the “Big Guy” by CNN was ignored and faced total abolition
The NY Post banned by social media has after the votes were counted has been proven to be true
Instead of Trump’s policies we are stuck with a senile old man whose puppet strings are pulled by more leftist each day Progressive Blues
After the Biden win CNN’s ratings started to tank
The once ranting anti-Trump icons were shedding viewers from their ranks
CNN had become an anti-conservative echo chamber drowning out the news
Only a question of time before the sponsors paying too much would protest we are through
Fox News that touts itself as fair and balanced and tries very hard to be worthy on the name
Kept rising up in the charts besting CNN and MSNBC combined and Zucker would bear the blame
Should have been canned earlier for low rating but managed to try to take a high road
Resigned as he finally chose to an undisclosed sexual relationship unload
Rather, that once noted anchor of CBS but disgraced using forged records on Bush’s service with the Texas Air National Guard
Seems taken aback Chis Licht is firing CNN journalists and is taking his move to objective reporting of the news quite hard

© September 3, 2022 The Alaskanpoet

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