Friday, September 2, 2022

Portnoy Slams Biden's Hitler Like Setting and Speech as Leni Riefenstahl Applauded From Her Grave


David Portnoy of Barstool Sports critiquing Biden’s false “address to the nation speech”
The head of the critique nail with force and clarity did reach
With the dark red background and Marines and protected by bullet proof glass
It remined him of Hitler’s foaming harangues from our now distant past
A mini Nuremberg without the torches and a thousands screaming Sieg Heil mob
As Dividen Biden took to the stage to the event of any unity rob
Leni Riefenstahl would have been applauding from her grave
To see the background and hear Biden’s rants and raves
Portnoy after seeing clips of an animated and angry vocal Biden with closed fists
Trying to convince the TV audience that a number one threat to our democracy did exist
Not from outside our shores but from within
From the 74 million MAGA voters who sent protestors to the Capitol on January 6 when they didn’t win
Unlike the leftist MSM who has slammed Trump for being Hitler in his policies and acts
Portnoy did not claim Biden was Hitler only that he looked like one and he did not retract
Biden revealed what he thought the “Soul of the Nation” should be
MAGA voters should be confined and not allowed to be free
So much leftist bile
Lacking only a parting Sieg Heil  

© September 2, 2022 The Alaskanpoet


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